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DigDug Web Comic by RickzillaRex DigDug Web Comic :iconrickzillarex:RickzillaRex 0 0
Elvis Sightings
    Chapter One
Call me Floyd. I have a last name, but nobody can pronounce it. I don’t even put it on my business cards. Those just say, Floyd: Private Detective.
    Professional snooping is what brought me to Reno, a city I hate like some people hate spiders. But when Buddy called after almost a year of silence and asked me to drop everything to get proof that some guy was cheating on his wife, I quit the bail jumping case I was working and hit the highway. Elvis once said, “friends can never be family, but sometimes they’re a whole lot more.” He could have been describing the way I feel about Buddy. So I found myself lurking in the vending room of a sleazy motel with a camera in my hand, waiting to get some shots of my target.
    People have an idea in their heads about P.I. work. That it’s glamorous or exciting. I blame TV. Hollywood could make mopping floors look fun. Truth is, detec
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Zombie Echo Poem
The thing that refuses to die?
Brought back to life by a terrible rite
With grunts and moans they do their talking
When they catch sight of the living they drool
They're the monsters  in the darkness ambling
Living corpses that fill me with dread
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Mature content
Zombie Limerick :iconrickzillarex:RickzillaRex 0 0
Kill Your Heroes
The sword was heavy in Magda's hands. She struggled to keep the point aimed at Grudt's chest, but the sound of her baby daughter's crying gave her strength.
"The worm will not have my child!" she yelled, swinging the sword first at Grudt, then at Farstoon, the high cleric of the worm.
"Only the blood of a virgin girl will slake the beast's hunger!" Farstoon said. "You should feel honor that the daughter of Bretnor has been chosen."
Farstoon leapt forward to grab Magda's sword, but she jerked the blade out of his reach, then swung at his outstretched arms, slicing deeply into one wrist.
"Cur!" Farstoon grabbed at his wound.
"If Bretnor were still alive, he would have forced you to abide by the lottery's choice," Magda spat. "Sacrifice your own child!"
"Enough," Grudt yelled and swung his club at Magda's head.
She brought her sword up to block the blow, but the force of it jarred the blade from her hands.
Grudt followed with a hard punch from his left fist, catching Magda on the side of
:iconrickzillarex:RickzillaRex 0 0
A Hero's Death
The man who opened the door was much older than I expected. His hair was gray and thinning, offering a glimpse of the liver-spotted scalp beneath. Loose skin hung in sagging bags beneath his chin in a rooster's beard. His dark, deep-set eyes were at the center of craggy furrows that radiated out like the edges of an impact crater. His bony arms poked out of the sleeves of a loose, threadbare flannel robe.
Of course he's old, I thought to myself. It was a long, long time ago.
"Can I help you, miss?" he asked politely. His voice was strong, steady and clear. It didn't match the worn-out body standing in front of me. That gave me hope I'd found who I was looking for.
I fished a business card out of my pocket and handed it to him. "Mr. Weller, I'm Laura Halsey. We spoke on the phone yesterday about a piece I'm writing."
The friendly, open expression he'd greeted me with hardened into a scowl, adding a dozen more grooves to the wrinkles around his mouth.
"I told you yesterday, Ms. Halsey. I
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Ricardo Sanchez
United States
I'm a writer, toy buff and life-long Scooby-Doo fan.
My mystery novels, the Elvis Sightings Mystery series, was published by Carina Press. My graphic novel with Mark Texeira, "A Hero's Death," was published by IDW in December 2015 and has been hailed as "heart-warming yet heart-breaking and magical."

I've written numerous comics for DC Comics, including Legends of the Dark Knight, Teen Titans Go! and adaptations of Capcom's Resident Evil, 3000AD's Line of Defense, Square-Enix' Nier, and Trion Worlds' RIFT and End of Nations games.

When I'm not writing, I maintain a vintage toy blog, drive 70's muscle cars, and shop year round for Halloween decorations.


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